I practiced Law for ten years. And then I left. 

Because the practice was tearing away pieces of my soul. I had to get out, to save myself. 

I spent a couple of years wandering and exploring, turning my focus away from Law. 

And then I was called, or rather summoned back. In a different way.  

I’ve been synthesizing my studies and experiences: 

  • I think there is a way to reclaim the Spirit of the Law to transform the practice. 
  • I think there are legal professionals, like me, who are craving a different way to practice Law. 
  • I think there are legal professionals who want provide good counsel to their clients, aligned with their fairness and integrity. 

I’d like to meet you around the counsel table, virtually and in person, to begin a conversation:

Order and Balance

Law is a system for organizing and balancing interactions between individuals and groups in society. It is a code of conduct/ethics which sets out fair and just ways of dealing with commerce transactions. 

It seeks to provide stability and peace, along with a recognition of order in increasingly complex interactions and commerce transactions that have expanded beyond local communities, reaching faraway lands. 

Power and Control

Law has been corrupted to exert power and control, rather than organize and balance interactions and transactions. 

Its adversarial nature promotes paper warfare in civil contracts. 

Justice can be and is bought by elaborate strategies and structures: masks and mirrors of procedure and practice, elevated language that is used in trickery to deceive, rather than serve as a statement of core values and principles.


The legal system is collapsing, crumbling, and breaking down. 

The response lies not in applying, enforcing or reinforcing existing laws, principles, and tenets, but rather in presenting a new approach—one that examines critically existing legal principles and fictions that have been sustained, through the lens of universal core values. 

Through the lens of universal core values we find and we express the Spirit of the Law. From these, there emerges a new set of legal codes to be written, to be created, for the purpose of giving form to a higher order. 

Laws, and the Rule of Law underpin political and economic systems. Therefore, in creating a new society, Law is the foundation upon which other systems are built. 

Spirit of the Law

Spirit of the Law expresses universal core values that are globally recognized and reciprocated. 

We reclaim these universal core values and  move forward collaboratively, in creative expression, toward freedom and prosperity. 

We challenge fundamental legal concepts that are currently accepted and applied in inequitable ways—ownership, control, exclusivity, injury, compensation, responsibility, transparency, equality, fairness, justice.

Change at the Core, from inside out

Law and its institutions are in crisis. They are crumbling. 

Law and the legal system are not serving people. 

Many are seeking to effect change within the system. While I support their efforts, it’s not enough. 

Spirit of the Law pursues fundamental change to currently accepted core legal principles. Change not merely in the operation of, but change in the core of the Law. 

To reclaim the Spirit of the Law we must recognize shared universal values and reshape the framework. Spirit of the Law provides the structure and practice for all legal professionals—

  • Offering the replacement system
  • Providing the structure to support legal professionals in their practice
  • A return/ rebalancing of the scales of Justice and Truth
  • Standing in balance, equanimity and integrity, as pillars of Law

First, we have to come together around the counsel table. We have to review and assess where we are. We have to be candid and critical of the legal system.

Then, we remember and reconnect with the Spirit of the Law. In that state, we take counsel and give counsel. We re-envision the practice of Law, in the Spirit of the Law. 

And then, we practice to transform the practice.

It starts with us—the legal professionals. Are you ready to join me at the counsel table? 

 In the Spirit of the Law,