From insider to outsider
to Spirit Counsel and Spirit of the Law

I practiced Law for ten years. When I practiced Law, I had to compartmentalize my spiritual life. I maintained a strict separation of personal and professional.

Until I couldn’t.

It was a false separation that caused inner turmoil. I was shut down and closed off from parts of myself. It was choking me. It affected my work with clients. I could not function effectively as a lawyer when I was only permitted to bring pieces of myself to work.

I could not continue to practice Law
at the expense of my soul.

So I left.

I resigned from my partnership and 10-year practice. I traveled to faraway exotic places. I did retreats and cleanses to purge the Law from my system. I denied and negated my experience as a lawyer. I sought to erase my history.

My journey has been fragmented in segments of study and exploration, academically and personally:

  • global spiritual traditions (BA in Religious Studies, McGill University);
  • yoga and meditation;
  • shiatsu and oriental medicine;
  • Ayurveda;
  • various systems of energy dynamics, medicine and healing; and
  • Law (JD, University of British Columbia).


The Wandering

For a couple of years after I left the practice, I was happily engaged in reading for pleasure, taking online courses and trainings in business and self-development, psychology and energy dynamics, and plotting a new career path for myself.


I strode with passion towards my dream of opening a retreat center in Italy. I led wine+yoga retreats in beach and vineyard settings.


I began to explore my creativity in words and writing. My creative voice had been stifled in the practice of Law. I simply did not have the time, energy or inspiration for creative expression.


The Return

During this phase of exploration and redefining myself, I had an encounter with a doctor that shook me and caused me to reflect on my professional experiences.

The doctor greeted me at the beginning of our appointment and asked me what I did. I rattled off a response that I had practiced law and left and was designing yoga retreats for women.

She paused for a moment and corrected me.

She said, “You are a lawyer. You may not be actively practicing at this time. But you are a lawyer. You studied. You practiced. You have experience. You are a professional. Own it.”

I realized that I had been denying, negating, and erasing a significant part of myself. I could not reconcile my experience in the practice of Law with the spiritual part of myself. So, I tried to discard it in order to live more fully in the spiritual realm.

I recognized that I had compartmentalized myself. I cut off my rational and analytical mind to numb the stress and strain I felt in the practice of Law.

I had to acknowledge and reconnect with myself as lawyer, legal professional and counsel.


Up to that point, I had boxed myself in courses and areas of study—yoga and meditation, shiatsu and energy healing and of course, Law.

Twenty years of fragmented study that called for synthesis.

Over the past several years I have been bringing the parts together and reclaiming my own counsel within. Distilling the essence. Harmonizing the fractals in the context of a greater whole.

Spirit of the Law represents my synthesis of
Spirituality, Law and Medicine.

The Summons

Spirit of the Law is more than an invitation. It is a calling to legal professionals to come together, give counsel and take counsel with our authentic and integrated selves, to serve as the pillars of Law and offer that in our practice of Law. We reclaim the Spirit of the Law to transform the practice.
Let’s begin the conversation. You are hereby summoned, Spirit Counsel.