Retreats are a vehicle to synthesize all that I’ve studied—spirituality, Law and various forms of energy dynamics—to create a transformative experience.

I’m creating the Spirit of the Law retreats, drawing upon my own practices of yoga, meditation, and energy medicine, with a dash of mystic verse and sensual nourishment.

We are crushed by the demands of practice. We have to remove ourselves from the daily grind to make space for healing.

Practicing Law can be a traumatic experience. It was for me. It is for many of my colleagues. It may be so for you too.

In the Spirit of the Law retreats, we remember the

noble role of counsel—practicing Law as an integrated being.

We offer the full wisdom of our experience and knowing in serving our clients, for their

success and prosperity.

I refer to this as Spirit Counsel.

The assembly takes place in retreat. We’re removed from the pressures of our practice

so we can be still.


In the Spirit of the Law retreats,

  • we come together in conversation around the counsel table;

  • we remember our calling to serve;

  • we acknowledge and tend to the wounded counsel;

  • we recognize where we’ve gone off course and where we’ve held steady;

  • we listen and we speak;

  • we remember and reconnect with the Spirit of the Law.

  • we re-envision our role as counsel through the lens of Spirit Counsel;

  • we reclaim through ritual, and the giving and taking of counsel, our noble service.

In doing so, we embody the Spirit of the Law as Spirit Counsel. And that is how we transform the practice.


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