I practiced Law.

Then, I left. A couple of times.

Now, I’m returning as an insider+outsider to transform the practice at its core. I have opinions, ideas and a vision to renew our ailing legal system.

I’m convening a council of legal professionals—lawyers, advocates, advisers, consultants—to reclaim the Spirit of the Law.

We have work to do, together.

In my 10-year practice, I took an oath to uphold the law, not pervert it to benefit my clients or harm other parties. I advised clients on legal matters in the way I had been trained—I applied legal principles to set of facts, constructed legal argument and formed an opinion, citing relevant caselaw, along with statutes and regulations.

In order to survive the practice, I had to compartmentalize myself. I could not bring my integrated self to the table or the courtroom.

I felt internally conflicted because of legal fictions operating that create unjust outcomes. Legal fictions that are incongruent with oaths we’ve taken; incongruent with truth.

I felt cracks in my integrity. The friction between what I knew to be just and reasonable, and the operation and application of the Law created unacknowledged strain and tension in me.

What was my highest duty

to self?
to Law?
to client?

What is Spirit of the Law?

Spirit of the Law is essence, expressed as shared truths, principles and ideas, upon which the legal system is founded. 

Law serves as a system of organizing and balancing interactions between individuals and groups in society. 

Spirit of the Law precedes the Rule of Law; as heart precedes matter. 

Spirit of the Law is more than an invitation. It is a calling to legal professionals:

  • to come together;
  • to give counsel and take counsel with our authentic and integrated selves;
  • to serve as the Spirit Counsel and offer that in our practice of Law.

Who are Spirit Counsel?

All manner of legal professionals—lawyers, attorneys, advocates, representatives, advisers, judges, magistrates—are required to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, protect the Rule of Law and serve the cause of Justice.


But in the practice of Law currently, many legal professionals find themselves divorced from their emotional and spiritual selves, in order to function in their practice. Over time, this erodes the meaning of the oath sworn and the purpose of the legal profession.


Spirit Counsel are those legal professionals

  • who desire to bring their integrated selves to the counsel table and the courtroom;
  • who represent and advise clients, drawing upon all aspects of their knowledge and wisdom, not only that learned in academic settings;
  • who recognize that to provide good counsel is to address a legal matter in its whole context and not just within its legal box.


Spirit Counsel are connected to the Spirit of the Law and

stand as pillars of Law in their communities,

upholding truth and justice.

When we practice with the fullness of our wisdom, then we embody the Spirit of the Law and everyone benefits.

 I want us to inhabit the role of Spirit Counsel in the work that we do and the service we offer.

 I want us to create a new space and

a new way in the practice of Law.

 You don’t have to leave your practice.

Together, we can transform how you practice Law.

And, if you’ve already left the practice of Law, we can integrate your Spirit Counsel in the work that you are now doing. 

I’m not merely a lawyer and neither are you—

we are Spirit Counsel.

I’m calling you, my esteemed colleagues, legal professionals,

to take your place at the counsel table.


You are hereby summoned, Spirit Counsel—join me!
Let’s reclaim the Spirit of the Law, to transform the practice.