I am a TRANSLATOR of ideas

and experiences; I am in TRANSFORMATION.

I have studied spirituality and religious traditions, law and holistic medicine. I practiced law for 10 years and then resigned my partnership as my soul called me to an extended period of integration. The call was repeated and it was loud. I could not resist or ignore it. I could only respond.


During my time of transition and transformation I read many books—fiction to self-improvement, I practiced yoga, I contemplated, I meditated, I traveled parts of the globe, I allowed myself to play and I started to explore my creative expression. Now ideas are bubbling and I’m finding ways to concretize the creative synthesis that is happening within me and which transforms me.


What I have come to understand is that the transformation is ongoing. I am inspired by others who have shared their journey and who have inspired me to share mine. At times we walk alone. At times we walk in company. It’s important for each of us to share our stories.


I am passionate about expanding my consciousness and creating a space where others can expand their own consciousness. Through writing, designing, hosting retreats and simply engaging with people in various modes of communication—people I already know and people I have yet to know—I desire to create a container to hold that transforming consciousness as we uplift ourselves and our world.


I’ve been an analytical observer for a long time. Now it’s time for me to come from background to foreground—imperfections and all and share my understanding.


These are my stories, my experiences, my truth. This is my journey. This is me—unfolding and expanding. Unmasked. Welcome.






"Sparking insight and conscious integration."

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Copyright 2017

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