Pause for a moment ...

as a professional woman, tell me—what’s your typical work day like?

For me, it went something like this:


7:15 am commute to office


8:00 am grab coffee, turn on computer


8:15 am-12:30 pm review inbox, correspondence, respond to calls, client meetings,


12:30 pm-12:55 pm go downstairs, grab a salad for lunch, bring it back and eat at desk


1:00 pm team strategy session,


3:30 pm draft client presentation/documents, be interrupted by assistant, phone calls, emails


6:30-7:00 pm shut down computer for the day, leave the office


7:00-7:25 PM commute home


7:45-8:15 PM prepare quick dinner


8:30-10:00 PM watch tv, check phone periodically, email/text clients/colleagues and scroll through social media


Days were rushed and robotic.

I was comatose to the unique flavors of life around me, masked by my multitasking brain.

I wasn’t present. I was living anxiously in the future, anticipating problems, stresses and challenges that certainly arose.


Life was bland.



Pause again for a moment.


This time, close your eyes.


Imagine a day filled with intention.

Space for reflection.

Immersion in sensual experience that awakens you and invites you to taste the flavors of life.


Feel your breath as it murmurs:


...she loved the sensations in her body that whispered “You are ALIVE!”  —Deanna De Paoli

Open your eyes, gaze upon the fields and vineyards blossoming outside your window, the horizon framed by the Dolomite mountains.


Greet the day in stillness and meditation—a conversation with Spirit.


Then sip an espresso or cappuccino before a morning yoga flow—gentle movement,  stretching your limbs, noticing the flow of breath circulating within and the fire in your belly.


At midday gather around the table that has been dressed to receive you. Enjoy a meal prepared with seasonal offerings from the garden accompanied by local vintages.


Explore medieval villages, churches, chapels, art and architecture of the nearby towns. Meet skilled artisans eager to share with you their creations and creative process.


Tour cantinas (wineries) and taste the subtle flavors each bottle contains.


Be enchanted by Venice, wandering through the calle (narrow alleys) crossing bridges back in time to La Serenissima—the Venetian republic when it was a dominant mer-chant and marine power.


In the evening, practice l’aperitivo—imbibe an appetite-stimulating drink. Sit with new friends at the dinner table of trattorias and osterias—family-run establishments—who will prepare local specialties with quality ingredients, served with a dash of love and a pinch of culinary pride.


Daily doses of the sensual life—people and conversation, landscape and culture, art and history, food and wine, movement and meditation—all offered to nourish the senses which are the gateway to Spirit.


Do you want:

—to stop feeling dull and uninspired?

—to rediscover a sense of awe and wonder?

—to go on a sensual adventure in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy?

—to be in flow and rhythm rather than on schedule?

—to connect with your inner es-SENSE (essence)?

—to learn how to nourish your sensual life?


 If YES, then join the retreat

—ReAwaken to the Sensual Life and feel your cells dance with aliveness!


This retreat experience is NOT for you if:

— you are searching for secret formulas to achieve guaranteed results;

— you favor automation and auto-responses;

— you want to outsource your experience;

— you require rigid structure and predictability.


The SETTING— Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy


Nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic sea, northeast of Venice, Friuli Venezia Giulia is a lesser known region of Italy that is truly a hidden cultural and historical gem. It has noted agriculture, viticulture and artisan traditions. Its people are very much awakened to the Sensual Life. They retain a strong connection to the land and embody a sense of community and friendship.


ReAwaken to the Sensual Life; it beckons you—come.




— take in the landscape and agricultural life

— meet local growers, winemakers and artisans

— experience a medieval festival

— visit wineries — drink the nectar emanating from these lands

— taste regional cuisine

— discover Venice



— transfers to/from Marco Polo airport Venice (VCE)

— single occupancy accommodations in a renovated country inn

— daily meditation and gentle flow yoga sessions

— full day excursion to Venice

— wine tastings at local wineries

— meals (B, L, D Monday through Saturday)

— welcome dinner (Sunday), farewell dinner (Saturday)

— reservations and transportation arranged to nightly dinner locale



— airfare

— pre or post-retreat travel, accommodation, meals

*(travel recommendations provided on request should you wish to extend your trip and explore other parts of Italy)



Retreat Application:

Up to 12 participants will be accepted.

Contact to schedule a phone appointment. Together we’ll decide if this sensual immersion experience is for you.



ReAwaken to the Sensual Life—become alive to the splendor, the poignancy, the

beauty and the pain around you.

Spirit sees through your eyes. Spirit hears through your ears.

Spirit touches through your hands. Spirit smells through your nose.

Spirit tastes through your mouth. Spirit understands through your mind.

Spirit feels through your heart. Spirit senses through your Being.

ReAwaken to the Sensual Life and let Spirit be nourished by you, within






AquaFire Retreat is an experience designed with you and for you to spark personal transformation and expansion of your own consciousness.

For more than 25 years I have studied, trained in and practiced yoga, meditation and energy dynamics and I have synthesized these in creating and hosting personalized retreats for intimate groups.


Aqua and Fire are living elements that transform us on physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels by cleansing, purifying, refreshing and healing our being.


In the AquaFire retreat we are inspired by these elements physically, in ceremony and energetically as vehicles for our transformation. Each AquaFire Retreat includes activities and nourishment for body and soul. I have collaborated with several gifted teachers and healers in creating personalized retreats.


AquaFire Retreats are intuitively designed in consultation with you, the participant(s) as a container for the experience of integrating and embodying your essence—consciousness.




"Sparking insight and conscious integration."

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